November 02, 2015

Mobius Arch at Alabama Hills Arch Trail

The Alabama Hills Recreational Area is a beautiful scenic area of the Eastern Sierra Nevada just west of Lone Pine. Most people tend to ignore it on their way to Mammoth Lakes or the east entrance of Yosemite National Park. Hundreds of movie scenes have been filmed here, hence the nickname "Movie Road". Over 400 arches are said to have been spotted with Mobius Arch, picture below from August 2014, being the most famous one. Most of these arches face east/west which allows for a perfect frame of Mount Whitney looming through the arches or over the hills.

On the trail (distance 1 mile) there are plenty of rocks to climb around, over and through:

Even IMDb has a list of movies with scenes filed at Alabama Hills, the following articles offers more information about this topic: Alabama Hills Adventure: Travel "The Movie Road"